Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We got back from NFA yesterday after driving through the night in a too-small car. Needless to say, I spent most of the time since catching up on sleep, avoiding automobiles at all costs, and being spoiled by Jon. Apparently I was missed.

I wound up breaking to Quarterfinals in Info. Very surprising since I'd spent the entire ride down to NFA memorizing my new Info, and yet I decided to do the old one 30 minutes before the round started. Curt was pretty pissed that I'd changed the plan at the last minute, but he can't complain. I was the only break our team had. I can't possibly convey the depth of my sadness upon not breaking in Persuasion, Crit, or Poetry. I was initially merely confused, but as the realization set in that this had been my last chance to get out in college forensics, the tears became hard to fight. And while I had promised Jon that I wouldn't call crying and blubbering, I couldn't help it. I've never wanted anything that badly, and not getting it was just too painful.

Georgia was beautiful. The people were fascinating, and even though we didn't bring a big team, I still managed to have fun. My camera is filled with photos of the trees, rivers, houses, churches and gravestones we found. Visually, this was the most enjoyable tournament I've been to. I would go back Rome in a heartbeat.

So I leave tomorrow for IOA. My last tournament as a competitor. My favorite event. No pressure.


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