Saturday, March 24, 2007

My entire family is gone this weekend, so I have the house all to myself. My parents are in Nashville for Jocelyn's colorguard thing, and Larry is somewhere in Arkansas for baseball. It's just me and Kiwi. I've never noticed how huge our house is before now. I guess it's probably due to the fact that I decided to clean the entire house this weekend, and I'm now fully appreciating the amount of work I have ahead of me. But I'm nearly halfway done, and I'm having fun, so it's all good.

Last weekend I decided to take a break from going out. It's just not as fun as it used to be, and I hate going out and being disappointed. Hopefully a few weeks away will make me enjoy it again. So my family is gone, Jon is off camping this weekend, my bosses and one co-irker are on vacations, I'm not going out at all with the girls, and I'm completely alone all weekend. It's nice to finally have some peace and quiet.

I think I'm gonna go to Las Vegas sometime this summer. My older brother was supposed to come to Springfield in June for my wedding, but since it's cancelled, I don't know if he is still planning on coming. And I haven't seen him in forever, and he's getting married soon, and it's been years since I went to Vegas, and I'm 21 now so I can do everything there, and I think I really need to get away from Springfield for a while to recharge. (Holy run on sentences, Batman!)


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